There are many types of boats and there is something for everyone. Today in our blog we are going to explain the advantages of the zodiacs (known as RIBs) to navigate Ibiza.

Many “pros” you can find decantarte when buying a boat of this type. Let's review them!

Less weight, less engine, less consumption

It may seem an obvious thing, but often eludes us this detail. The structure of inflatable boats or RIBs is much lighter than traditional boats, allowing them to have a much lower weight.

This means that you can buy an outboard motor lower power to navigate comfortably. And CONSEQUENCES, fuel consumption will be much lower.

This is an advantage of inflatable boats to keep in mind if you are looking for a boat to spend little.

Practices, versatile and efficient

The dinghies are very common in many different scenarios: rescue equipment, as “tenders” yachts or boats larger, like pleasure boat use, etc.

This versatility is one of the advantages of the RIB most valued, because depending on what you go to may be the most practical and efficient to meet your needs.

Why is so common that organizations like the Red Cross or the army itself with pneumatic count on their computers intervention by sea. They are also the boat par excellence for support and assistance in sailing competitions.

GRAND boats in Ibiza
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much less costly maintenance

The maintenance of your boat is, without a doubt, the most important factor when it comes to conserve and is always in perfect condition anytime you go sailing.

It will prevent costly repairs, unwanted problems and unnecessary headaches. It's the basic rule of any owner, and so on Ibiza Boat Service we are so insistent with preventive maintenance of boats in Ibiza!

The inflatable boats, in this sense, They have a great advantage: keep it in optimum condition will be much simpler and cheaper than not in a traditional wooden boat.

Do we continue with the pros of the RIB?

Easy to transport and store

When there is no possibility or need to have a mooring in property, often lovers sailing in Ibiza opt for a trailer “Park” your boat at home.

being so light and so versatile (As I have explained in the above advantages of the zodiacs), It becomes the ideal for those who use it sporadically option and want to have it safely in the garage at home (for example!).

Although for larger vessels like ours there are companies that offer you an excellent invernaje service boat in Ibiza, the possibility of a easy and simple transport make semirigid are preferred for many user profiles.

Do you know more advantages of dinghies?

These are the points for semirigid we consider most important if you are thinking about buying a boat. But of course there are more factors!

And you? Already you have an air and marmite? What is it you like the most of her? Tell us about it in the comments!

But if you're thinking about is acquire a RIB and you have convinced these reasons, Head over to our section selling boats in Ibiza.

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