Welcome to the website Ibiza Boat Service. We are a company specialized in the maintenance and repair of boats in Ibiza company. Our extensive experience has enabled us to win the confidence of the prestigious firm GRAND, of which we are exclusive distributors for the sale of its RIB boats in Ibiza.

From this section you can keep abreast of everything related to the world of recreational boating in Ibiza, plus hear about our latest used boats we have for sale for you. Today we'll tell you why choose one GRAND semirigid boat to clear your doubts if you're thinking you buy a boat…

Read on to know all the information about GRAND.

A European company with the highest quality standards

GRAND Marine it has earned in recent 15 years a name to live up to the construction of their boats. And this company based in Ukraine has become the leading builder of semi-rigid boats in Europe thanks to the quality materials and his obsession with security in assembling their boats.

Provide maximum comfort and always bet on innovation are other hallmarks of boats GRAND. In Ibiza Boat Service We are convinced that they are the perfect boats for sailing in Ibiza and so we have strengthened ties with the company to offer, In addition to its great ships, a wide range of official accessories.

Work in the factory GRAND It can be summed up in attention to detail and safety. For them the word “quality” It means meeting the needs of boaters in compliance with international standards ISO / FDIS-6185, ISO 12217 and the European Directive 2013/53 / EU.

Style, practicality and ergonomics

If there is one thing that highlight the semi-rigid boats GRAND is, definitely, your convenience. The main design of all vessels is characterized by always seek the maximum ergonomics in every corner, making them the most practical option for lovers of the sea in Ibiza.

If you are looking for a boat GRAND to buy in Ibiza, read on to consult those who currently have for sale.

GRAND boats for sale in Ibiza

Ibiza Boat Service, the official distributor of semi-rigid boats GRAND In ibiza, currently it has three boats for sale:

Buy Golden Line G750L

Golden Line G750L

The boat GRAND Golden Line G750 you can buy in Ibiza Boat Service It offers great performance with ample space and great detail. Have 7,5 meters long and everything you need to make the navigation experience unforgettable.

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Comprar Golden Line 850L

 Golden Line G850L

The flagship GRAND. exceptional seaworthiness, awarded the CE category B status (offshore). Fuel tank 300 Built-liter and all the features that make these exceptional boats semi-rigid boats to sail in Ibiza.

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