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Your boat, renewed last

¿Repower your boat? Why? You may be in love with your boat: His construction, his design, the memories you have with him ... But maybe it has become somewhat outdated and, What is worse, it may not be as reliable offshore. Here it is where our team of qualified installers to completely revamp the mechanics of your boat. Confíe en expertos de la náutica como lo es nuestra empresa.

Repowering boats in Ibiza

We are official partners and authorized Volvo Penta, Mercruiser, Honda, Suzuki, Yanmar, Solediesel, Yamaha y Mercury. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer the boat service repowering most complete and professional Ibiza.


qualified installers

In such an important task as the repowering of a ship, it is important to have the best. In Ibiza Boat Service only we work with qualified professionals and authorized by our brand partners to ensure a job to live up to your expectations.

Reasons to repower

Whether for security, to prolong the life of your boat or to power up a notch, repower your boat can be a good idea, if left advice from professionals. In Ibiza Boat Service have more than 15 years of experience, You can trust us.


Special offers

By having direct relationship with leading brands in the world of sailing, Ibiza Boat Service always launched special deals and discounts to repower your boat. Get in contact with us and we will inform you in detail of the promotions we prepare periodically.

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