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Your boat, in perfect condition

The importance of proper maintenance of both the exterior and the equipment is crucial to extend the life. In Ibiza Boat Service we always navigate in optimal conditions, why we have become the eempresa reference nautical repairs Ibiza. If you have had an accident or requires replacement of some critical component, We also work with the best specialized mechanics in repair boat engines.

Fine tunning

Every time you go out to sail, You want your boat is in perfect condition. In Ibiza Boat Service we will perform the setup time adapting to their needs and getting closer to its homeport, and only you have to worry about starting the journey at the stipulated time with the peace of mind that everything is as it should be.


Preventive Maintenance

Anticipate problems is a very practical way to avoid headaches and unwanted situations when navigating your boat in Ibiza. Our company can perform preventive maintenance on your boat, totally or partially removing machines and engines to solve potential damage that may lead to faults in the future.

Corrective maintenance

Unfortunately, there are unexpected breakdowns that although noncritical impede the optimal functioning of your boat. Ibiza Boat Service offers the best professionals and the best brands for what is called corrective maintenance. We ensure that each piece of your boat running smoothly


integrated ship repair

In case of accidents or serious damage, it is essential to have by his side recognized professionals, with background and experience in this type of disaster. Our company has the capacity to repair, full or partially, any type of boat in Ibiza. Not your boat for loss!

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