The weather

Your boat, a safe place

In addition to cost savings or dry dock mooring, our escrow service and winter storage of boats in Ibiza guarantees better preservation of his ship. Our company has the necessary facilities to store any type of boat. If you have also relied on our service preventive maintenance, We assure you that every time you leave will sail a boat like new. Why are the nautical reputable company hundreds of customers.

Custody of boats and engines

We know how important it is for you your boat. We are also aware that the engine (or engines) which possesses must be a safe place when not sail with him. We guarantee a professional service: his most prized property is in good hands.


Boat winterizing

All navigational equipment must be kept out of reach of inclement weather. Ibiza Boat Service can offer you a comprehensive preventive maintenance service, complemented by our proposal invernaje, ensures that whenever you go surfing will in the best conditions.

Transport ships

If you do not have suitable transport trailer or for your boat, Ibiza Boat Service is responsible for collecting your boat and place, Quickly and safely, in one of our ships confidence. Our company will provide a comfortable service and knowing that we will treat your boat like our.


special requests

Whatever your circumstances, We are confident that in Ibiza Boat Service we can adapt to them. If you require specific services for transportation, custody or winterizing your boat in Ibiza, Contact us. We will answer as soon as possible to offer you a tailored solution.

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