In Ibiza Boat Service We are pleased to announce that we are official distributors of the renowned manufacturer of outboard engines Honda Marine.

Honda Marine It is worldwide known for making engines more environmentally friendly and less fuel consumption, achieving savings of up to 20% compared to other engines.

With this new collaboration, trust continue to offer the best service comprehensive maintenance of your boat in Ibiza adding to our range of services everything the Japanese company provides the marine industry.

Outboard engines Honda Marine They adapt to all scenarios sailing boat Ibiza, offering a complete range of products and very competitive prices in relation to.

Feel free to check more details on our Service repowering boats in Ibiza if you want to take the opportunity to upgrade your boat with a new engine Honda Marine with professional technical support and authorized directly on the island.

Honda Marine outboard motors in Ibiza

Ibiza Boat Service this is your benchmark for outboard engines Honda Marine mid-range (of 40 a 115 horses) and high range (of 115 a 250 horses) In ibiza.

So if you're thinking of a repowering for your boat, sure we have for you a motor Honda Marine that could really…

If you want to learn more about the history and way of working of our new partner, Honda Marine, Check out the page that we have prepared page trustmark or read the article, where you explain a little more about the history of the company.

But first let's talk about the guarantee of outboard engines Honda Marine:

Honda Marine warranty

Ibiza Boat Service You can arrange manufacturer's warranty in Spain of engines fuerabuerda Honda Marine you acquire with us in Ibiza.

So if unfortunately there is some kind of damage to your engine, you can be assured that our company will have you covered. Remember that we 15 years of experience in comprehensive maintenance of boats in Ibiza.

Yes now, let's see discover a little more about the history of Honda Marine

Honda Marine's story

The division of Honda engines for boats, Honda Marine, It has a long history in the marine world. And nothing more and nothing less than 50 years of innovation in the sector propelling boats of all kinds.

In the following video you can see a summary of this half-century history. Mythical engines, the most revolutionary models, the most important milestones of Honda Marine, … in less than 2 minutes of video. Do not miss it:

50th Anniversary Honda Marine Was held in 2014. Even then Honda He insisted his obsession “go a little further to meet, with passion, the promise of a cleaner technology, safe and respectful for all who admire and enjoy its oceans, lagos, rivers ... and appreciate the power and beauty of nature”.

In Ibiza Boat Service We are on the same line and so we are delighted to be partnering with a company with such a clear social and environmental responsibility as Honda Marine.

So next time you need the Official technical service or looking for a Official Distributor outboard engines Honda Marine In ibiza, Get in contact with us. We will be happy to help!

And do not forget to follow us on our blog, our Facebook page Y our profile on Instagram. There you can find out the latest news from our distribution Honda Marine outboard engines in Ibiza.

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