When we talk about motorize a boat, outboard engines are the best option: its reliable, They are flexible and are comfortable. Like everything, require maintenance. You'd explain some details!In Ibiza Boat Service we know the importance of maintenance of your boat. One of the key pieces is the engine, and get always in optimum condition is a matter of caring.

Here we explain some basics of outboard engine maintenance.

Outboard engine maintenance: an investment

Nautical lovers know that your boat is your best hobby. Outboard engines, as we said, They are flexible and reliable and always be there when all else fails.

If they are well maintained, Clear. Maintaining an outboard motor is an investment in the short, medium and long term. You avoid many frights!

But what must be taken into account for proper maintenance of an outboard motor?

Check the levels of an outboard motor

It is crucial that before you go sailing, always oil levels are reviewed, battery and fuel. We may detect losses or failures that will save us a headache after.

Also, the closed cooling circuit is a very important part to avoid overheating offshore or even can burn engine.

For security cuestions, is also highly recommended to check that both the propeller and the cord “man to water” They are in perfect condition before leaving to sail.

After sailing with an outboard motor

Enjoy sailing and sailing in Ibiza It is a true pleasure. Time to reach port, but nevertheless, It is also very important when preventive maintenance of your outboard.

Especially you need to pay attention to the act of “sweeten” the outboard engine to prevent salt, the fuel, particulate pollutants or sludge contaminate it.

And be sure to disconnect the batteries!

Periodic maintenance of an outboard motor

Like all mechanical components, outboard engines require periodic mantemiento to avoid unwanted repairs and to extend its life.

Our company makes sailing in Ibiza scrupulously maintaining your boat and your outboard. We explain some essential details.

Changing spark plugs, the fuel filter, air and lubricant are basic details, and ajutes and hydraulic compensation and control cable.

Once a year is also advisable to change the impelling (the impeller of the water pump), lubricate the shaft and change and intervene in possible corrosion.

Maintenance of outboard engines in Ibiza

If you are looking for a nautical company with more than enough experience and team of qualified professionals, You are in the right place. Get in contact with us, We operate in all ports of Ibiza and pay official service to major brands of outboard motors.

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