When in Ibiza Boat Service so we attach importance to preventive maintenance of your boat is for a simple reason.

Nobody likes to meet a boat that needs repair. Especially when the repair can get very, very expensive.

Today we will explain some basic tasks and explain why keeping your boat in Ibiza It is even more important.

Shall we start?

Annual Varada boat

Beaching is the name given when we put out our boat water for proper maintenance. Ibiza is usual in this stranding is made annually, at the end of the tourist season, even though is not always like that.

The basic maintenance of your boat in Ibiza focuses on clearing vegetation Hull, Paint the bottom of it, the review of the mechanical elements and non-mechanical, as well as the protocols established by manufacturers.

It is very important that such revision is made periodically.

Good maintenance prevents repairs

This type of preventive maintenance will provide multiple benefits to your boat and keep it in good condition for the next time you go surfing do it in the best conditions.

Among other things, avoid excessive drag load: your boat will consume less fuel and sail faster. In addition you avoid the marine flora and fauna clogging water intakes.

First simple view problems as it solves a good boat maintenance (in Ibiza, anywhere) They can destroy a motor. Do not miss the play!

Common Breakdowns on ships

Unfortunately, It is not always possible to avoid problems on your boat. Here we explain why some of the most common faults on ships:

Failure Battery

Not give the importance to the maintenance of your boat is serious. A very common mistake is to fail batteries, with the consequent problem for all other electronic components.

Make periodic review of the status of the batteries of your ship to avoid directly repair or replacement thereof.

It's more common than you think!

Engine failure

This really can be a real headache. Intensive, in the long run, will end up damaging the engine of your boat in Ibiza, There's no doubt.

But you can extend the useful life and prevent damage to the engine with proper maintenance.

Blockages in oil ducts, an oil messed it is not changed or age fuel in the engine due to lack of use are dangerous companions for your boat.

Proper preventive maintenance will not have to go through the unpleasant experience of having a serious breakdown or even having to resort to repowering of your boat in Ibiza.

Failures in critical systems

radios, navigation systems or additional electronic components are also important.

If you do not work properly your boat will not be in good condition, so do not forget to check all critical systems of your boat to avoid unpleasant situations.

Maintaining your boat in Ibiza

With Ibiza Boat Service have everything you need for proper preventive maintenance of your boat, within reach of a phone call.

Get in contact with us and we will explain more about how we work to craft our customers are always like the first day.

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