The sailing season is coming to an end and it is time to start on winterizing your boat in Ibiza. In today's article I will explain why is so important for optimal maintenance of your boat.

Invernaje in Ibiza: Protect your boat

As you know, in Ibiza Boat Service we are maniacs of preventive maintenance of ships. We are nearing the end of summer and in our island many homeowners are beginning to organize winterizing your boat.

This is the best idea if we want to keep it in the best conditions and to continue enjoying sailing in Ibiza for many years. But, How it all begins the process of winterizing?

We'll tell you then.

Removal of the boat for winter storage in Ibiza

The first step to keep your boat safely in Ibiza is its withdrawal. In our company we have the most qualified personnel to do it efficiently and safely.

So you can forget all the hassle involved performing beached the boat to perform the maintenance of the same.

There are several types of winter storage of boats. But the optimal place is out of the water.

Winterizing boats in Ibiza: works to realize

In such an important task is the proper winterizing your boat in Ibiza, there are some aspects that are critical in our company and we always consider.

For example, if we leave our outboard engine all winter invernaje, we can not forget the following guidelines:

  • Desalination outboard
  • Oil changes and injection of protective oil
  • Carburetor cleaner and filters
  • Greasing and washing control external parties
  • Etc…

Care and maintenance of outboard engines is a task that will save us a lot of headaches in the future.

The same goes for electronic and electrical appliances, which they are very sensitive and prone to deteriorate if proper winterizing is not performed, especially in Ibiza.

But the most important thing is that once all the preventive maintenance actions, Your ship is in a safe.

Custody of boats in Ibiza

For that we offer our escrow service boat in Ibiza, with which you can rest easy while your boat is in good hands.

Get in contact with us and we'll keep all options custody and winter storage of boats in Ibiza we have for you.

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