Golden Line G850L - news
47.813,40 € Price
Golden Line G750L - news
31.300 € Price
Golden Line G650LF - news
21.951,44 € Price
Golden Line G580LF - news
16.362€ Price
Golden Line G500LF - news
12.489,66 € Price
Golden Line G420LF - news
8.635,50€ Price
Golden Line G380EF - news
6.602,98€ Price
Golden Line G340EF - news
5.346,74€ Price
Rio Yatchs Blue 40 - Chance

Our services

Boat sale in Ibiza

New and used

In Ibiza Boat Service, operating in the ports of San Antonio, Ibiza, santa Eulalia, Marina Ibiza and Botafoch and providing services throughout the island of Ibiza, we have a special range of both, new and used boats for sale, at the best price on the market and with the best conditions and guarantees.

We are a dynamic and professional company that has extensive experience in service boat sales, motor boats or sailing boats, or light vessels. If you have any queries when acquiring a boat, Feel free to contact.

Repair and Maintenance

comprehensive service for your boat

In addition to the sales service, at Ibiza Boat Service we offer a full boat maintenance service. We are specialists in Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Yamaha and Mercruiser, among others. At the same time, we carry out work related to the maintenance and repair of electronics, electricity and paintwork of boats.

Apart from maintenance and repair tasks, we carry out cleaning work, pupilage and winter storage so that your boat is always in optimal sailing condition when you need it.

Italian flag, This is a boat in excellent condition only 260 hours. 12 length meters, 3,50 manga. 2...

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